Virtual Villagers 3 Cheats. 1,000,000 Tech Points


Get 1,000,000 tech points by following instructions below:

1. Close the game if you have it running
2. Download (113K)
3. Extract and run the patch
4. Click on the dots near “Path to the file to patch” box
5. Browse to “My Documents” -> “LDW” -> “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City”
6. Select “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw” and open it
7. Check “Do not compute and compare file hash”
8. Press Start

Now you can run the game and see 1,000,000 addition to tech points.


Puzzle 13: The White Gem Key

You have to wait for the fire to burn a certain amount of time. You will know it’s readywhen it is giving off sparkles. If you waited long enough and don’t see sparkles, you can check by dropping a villager on the waterfall on the right. If he collects water in a bowl and dumps it on the fire pit, you can solve this puzzle. If he just gets a drink, you’ll have to wait longer.

When the fire is out, you will see a white diamond gem on the fire pit. Immediately afterward, it will be too hot for your villagers to pick up. You can either have them pour bowls of water on it, or just wait for time to pass. When the gem is cool, drop a villager on it and he will take it to the door.

Puzzle 12: Aromatherapy

You need to complete puzzle 8, have level 3 medicine, and a master doctor to complete this puzzle. Once you meet all three conditions, drop your master doctor on the completed bath. The doctor will fill the bowls around the bath with lotus plants. Once the lotus plants are in place, drop the doctor on the fire to light the burners around the bath and complete the puzzle.

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Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough and strategy guide (including puzzle hint through) from Jayisgames:
* General Play Tips
* Hints for Specific Puzzles
* Important Potion Recipes
* Thoughts on the Order to Buy Technology
* Stuff You Can Do Before You Absolutely Have to Buy Technology
* Walkthrough Guide

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Puzzle 11: Banishing the Sharks

You will want fish as a food source and this is how to get fish. You must have already completed puzzle 3 in order for this to work, and you’ll need to upgrade to Nature Level 2 or Magic Level 2. I chose Nature and then made a potion from the Pitcher Plant and 2 Black Orchid Plants. If you choose Magic, the potion combination is 1 Berries and 2 Roses. Both the berries and pitcher plant are located near the upper left of the Alchemy lab, but you can’t see them until you upgrade to level 2 of Magic or Nature.

Also – You can try your luck without it, but you’ll likely need to purchase Alchemy to pull this off. Once you have the required materials, have a villager carry the resulting potion to the ocean to scare the sharks away.