Virtual Villagers 3 Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough and strategy guide (including puzzle hint through) from Jayisgames:
* General Play Tips
* Hints for Specific Puzzles
* Important Potion Recipes
* Thoughts on the Order to Buy Technology
* Stuff You Can Do Before You Absolutely Have to Buy Technology
* Walkthrough Guide

Game tips from GameZebo:
* Getting Started
* Building Skills
* General Tips
* Research
* Tech Points
* Clothing Hut
* Making Babies
* Children
* Nursing Mothers
* Chiefs
* Healing
* Food
* Making Fire
* Collectibles
* Tables Pieces
* Events
* Making Potions
* Faction of Nature
* Faction of Magic
* Potions List
* Nature Faction Potions
* Magic Faction Potions
* Puzzles Solutions


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