Virtual Villagers 3 Cheats. 1,000,000 Tech Points

Get 1,000,000 tech points by following instructions below:

1. Close the game if you have it running
2. Download (113K)
3. Extract and run the patch
4. Click on the dots near “Path to the file to patch” box
5. Browse to “My Documents” -> “LDW” -> “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City”
6. Select “Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw” and open it
7. Check “Do not compute and compare file hash”
8. Press Start

Now you can run the game and see 1,000,000 addition to tech points.


292 thoughts on “Virtual Villagers 3 Cheats. 1,000,000 Tech Points

  1. I was trying it and i have a mac so i tried to choose an application because i need to and i can’t choose virtual villagers and there are no dots and i cannot follow the path please help me

  2. Does it work for Macs even

    I need to know I have 3 teenagers a stubborn chief and I am bound to run out of food soon so I need level 2 for both magic and nature to get special herbs to make a potion to kill the sharks to get food !

    Some one help or reply sooon please!

    • hey i had the same problem so i tried clicking on β€œVirtual Villagers – The Secret City2.ldw” and it worked, good luck!!!!

      • What if there is only Virtual Villagers – The Secret City0.ldw, what do you do?

  3. I Got error applying the patch, parameter incorrect.

    Is there an0ther patch or
    does someone know what I did wrong.
    Help… I need those tech points.

  4. and i got vv1 for $10.00 coupon code for vv1 is BORDERSBOOKS. must be in capitals, takes off ten dollars. coupon code for vv3 is GREATFUN, in capitals, took off $8.00. hope this helps some one who HASN”T paid yet

  5. woooowww… that’s really great!!! thx :*:*:*:*:* I am still surprised… how is it possible? THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS

    • Ermmm rain dance you have to have 3 adept farmers and a tribal cheif and you drag them onto the fire and they’ll dance and it’ll rain.

  6. Woohoo this is just like winning the lottery!!
    Were all starving and no-one wants to do anything except worry about food!
    Thanx heaps

  7. didnt work :@ not happy. did everything right, it said patch was applied and yet my points didnt go up. tried it a second time, still didnt work 😐

  8. i have vista and i tried it twice and no tech points :(. oh well thanks anyways. if anyone knows a way for it to work on vista plz let us know!! ty!!

  9. Didn’t work, everything was applied correctly but when i checked it was the same amount as i had before trying the cheat out. any suggestions?

  10. Hey!!! Many thanks it really works. I didn’t receive the reward for 1 million tech. points , but it works all the same. Thanks again.

  11. Does somebody knows how to extract this file on vista? It didn’t worked for me… same thing as others, parameter incorrect… is this only with vista? how can this be fixed?

  12. it didnt work for me. It stated it was applied sucessfuly but when I tried it, It started my game over and I lost all that I had accomplished.

  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! After the third try it work. I realized that I had not completly come of the game. Close it out complety before you run the patch. It works on vista. Thanks again! Man I love this game!

  14. i loved it but then after like 2 days later a virus came and said beacause of this download i made for virtual villagers the computer will break and thats what it did! 😦 im sad but we got a new computer and i down loaded it again (even though that was not such a good idea) and nothing happend!!! so enjoyed it in the end! πŸ™‚

  15. ty works.. i hav a better waytho…

    To get 1mil food and 1 mil tech download cheat engine 5.4

    Open cheat engine and then open virtual villagers. now look at the top left of cheat engine it should hav a flashing computer.

    Go all the way to the bottom and shuld say Virtual Villagers – The secret city ( something similiar to this)

    Now go on value on cheat engine and put in how much food u hav eg : 5000

    then click first scan.. it shuld come up wid loads of values but dont worry!

    now get like 3 villagers and get them to eat some food. u shuld hav a lower number now eg : 4997 ( eg – example )

    Now there shuld only be one value in the list. if there isnt try again . Click on that 1 value! Now double click on that value at the bottom in the box where it is under Value and then it shuld say change this value to : and chage it to watever u want and bingo! lots of food!!!

    To use it wid techpoints u do the same but there shuld be 2 values and u hav to change them both to the same value eg : 10000000, 100000000

  16. What dose LDW staned for???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  17. it works…just give it some time…logged in and out 2 or 3 times then changed to my other tribe…i have 2 and it was there!


  19. Help! son downloaded patch and applied to his game but can’t figure out how to get it applied to his brother’s game. Is there a way??


  21. it work for my cuz but not for me. they said the place the file came from was unknown.its not fair.but it does not matter,all of my peeps died already.

  22. What is β€œLDW” stand for? anyone know to download it in correct steps? Mine is Vista and it doesnt work 😦

    I am save the game at comp > Local Disk C > program file > Virtual villager 3.

    Not in my document… anyone know what should I do next?


  23. oww i cant make it.. dey say something was wrong..
    There was an error applying the patch:0Γ—80070057 (the parametre is incorrect)

    and till now is still not working ;_(…
    Please helppppppppppp

  24. yay it worked thanks alot for those of you who have vista you need to download WinRAR or WinZIP. I have WinRAR so all you need to do once the file has downloaded is extract it to my documents and find LDW then open that up and it should come up with Virtual Villagers the secret city double click that then click ok. You then need to open up my documents, LDW, Virtual Villagers the secret city then find the file you just extracted then double click on that then another window will open upcalled Hex Editor Neo Patch Apply Utility. There should then be another box which says path to the file to patch with 3 dots to the side of that click on the dots then pick one for example my choice was Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw i clicked on that then clicked start and you should get another file which says this Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.bak that will be it done you can do this to all of them or however many you want to do. I hope i helped for all those with vista.

  25. hey it said it worked, but when i opened my game, i didn’t have the points. What did i do wrong? :(It isn’t fun watching newborn babies die…):

  26. Hiks hiks .. it worked for many peoples but not for me .. huaaaaa…. hate it hate it ! ! ! .. plsssssssssss any idea??? or any ways???


  28. Yess!!! It’s really worked. Thank you very much. For VISTA user, just follow the step given by Amy!!!. It worked. Thank Amy…

  29. mine says that there is an error and then says some numbers and that the parameters are incorrect.

    how can i fix that?

  30. thanks for this!
    although i completed almost anything needed to buy and the puzzles..(except that stubborn chief not directing work at puzzle 9….argh!)

  31. Hey guys for all you vista users try closing villagers then apply the patch and reopen villagers. worked for me!!! thank you

  32. it works!!!!!!!!!!!!


    to Brianna: LDW is stands for Last Day of Work, it’s something like the creator of this game..

    to Coral: how could does the game didn’t exist in your ‘my documents’? are you sure you have been installed the game to your PC? save it in your drive C..cause the LDW folder will shows in ‘my documents’ if you install the game correctly, and you have to make sure that Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw is in the LDW folder.. then you just have to follow the instruction above.. good luck!!

  33. I just had to say thank you so much! This patch was a huge help. One problem though, I am looking for the food patch. Any Ideas on how I can get this one? It would much appreciated. Thank you so much for your hard work.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  34. charlie you are a genius all the other patches didn’t work i i kept getting a sill error message but cheat engine 5.4 really worked. thanks

    if anyone needs help doing it e-mail me as the steps were lttle bit fuzzy

  35. it doesn’t work in my computer……..mine is XP Professional……but i get the errors
    ……….need help………

  36. This is a sweet patch. It will work, just follow the directions exactly, in order, and keep trying if you don’t get it the first time. You may have to uncheck “path to this patch file”. I’m so psyched now! Patch 1 worked for me.

  37. Okay I did what you said but when you said to go to documents there is no documents to find. can you help?

  38. loved the pach but it was hard to work but then i finaly figerd out that it might also be in the vv file #22

  39. Incase you didnt know, if you place the tribal leader on the food bin, he will “Magically” create more food.
    Happy leading!

  40. If you use vista it’s not a problem just run the patch program and open the file to patch in Documents there is a file LDWclick and then click again to see the files and select Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.LDW be sure to check the Do not compute and compare file hash and then start if it’s not working i really don’t know how to help

  41. Thank you so much… it so worked for me. and it was kinda easy to do…. thank you…
    By the way it does keep your game it dosn’t resart it.

    • Hey Lauren if you haven’t figured it out and you still have vv3 and this program, you have to click the right save file, for example, if the village you want 1,000,000 tech is on the 2nd save bar, instead of 1.ldw click 2.ldw. Hope this helps!

  42. Hey, I /really/ desperatly need this to work. I’ve restarted about a gazillion times, and I really don’t want to start all over again. I’m a bit lazy that way, lol.
    Everytime I try this, I keep getting the error about the parameter. Is there any way to fix this? I use Vista, but I don’t know whether that’s what stopping it or not?


  44. would you post one of these 1000000 tech points for virtual villagers 4 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  45. Worked perfectly! LOLed when I opened my game again. I’ve got VV3 on my iPhone so no cheats possible. This is awesome!

  46. use cheat engine 5.5, way much easier. you can change your food and tech points to higher numbers like 99,999,999, or any other numbers. It works fine for me! with that, your villagers will never be hungry again and you can upgrade your research faster.

  47. So, what is the fiery bowl. & how do I get tech points? What r they? I just bought stuff till it wouldn’t & now I’m bored.

  48. This was not working and i got the parameters wrong error until I went in and created the first village. Then i ran the patch again and it worked.

  49. doesn”t work for me parameter is incorrect..plz i dnt know what 2 some1 know how to make it work..just email me..thx!

  50. to gain more tech point in the start of the game put all the villagers in the lab and one in gathering honey then adjust the time this way no one will notice that you cheated

  51. do any of you guys know how to get this patch on for virtual villagers the lost children i need tech points for it my villagers are almost out of food because the ocean is filled wth algae and i dont have enough time to get 90000 tech points it doesnt have to be through this website it can be throuhh any help!

  52. Wow it actually worked!!! =) Thanks so much… At first I got parameter incorrect error when I selected β€œVirtual Villagers – The Secret City0.ldw” I changed it to β€œVirtual Villagers – The Secret City2.ldw” and it worked..

  53. hey courtney?
    I need to know I have 3 teenagers a stubborn chief and I am bound to run out of food soon so I need level 2 for both magic and nature to get special herbs to make a potion to kill the sharks to get food ! that was your comment.
    answer: macig and nature are factions. the have their own benefits, and you can only have one. you dont get both. (personally i’d prefer nature)

  54. Didn’t work for me !! I was far in the games I had solve like 8 puzzles, I applied the patch and it made me start ALL OVER my game with 99 tech points ! -_-

  55. I used it exactly as the directions said, and yet my tribe has recieved no more tech points. Bleh. I used Winrar to extract it, should I use something else?



  57. It worked great for me if it doesnt work be sure to close the game out before u clik start on the patch then reopen the game and if u do not own the game itwill not work

  58. Heres an easy method for those who dont trust this patch thingy..(i did and worked i lol’d)
    anyway just go get CE (cheat engine) and find VV3 select it and search for the amount of Tech points you has, wait till you get more from w/e and search for the new number..
    once you got it just change tha value to w/e yyou want i did 9,999,999 cause i was bored
    same with food and if someone can figure it out for plants buildings and the fire let me know
    oh and of course if my explaining it confused you add to MSN or Yahoo IM and ill be happy to help =P

  59. I got reely anoyed because it diddn;t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If yoo know what to do let me know!

  60. **TIP**

    I had to delete every game, and make a new one. Then it worked for me πŸ™‚
    If you have more than *1* tribe, delete *ALL* of them, and *start over completely with only 1 tribe*

  61. I got mine off of Big Fish Games.. I don’t get why it won’t work if you don’t follow those in structions o.O

    Good luck fellas ^.^

  62. Thanks for the tip, it works great!!! πŸ™‚ As a lot of others have said, I’m stuck…..but not any more!! Now to finish my 4 final puzzles.

  63. I tried this and it only added it to my first game and not my third game…..Very annoying. Can anyone tell me how do add it to your third and not your fist game? ='(

  64. Here is why its NOT working – Go to DOcuments and then LDW. DO NOT go to Program Files and choose the LWD file. If you dont pay attention its a common mistake to make.


  65. I had to try it twice, but it did work eventually. I made sure the game was CLOSED the 2nd time. Maybe that is the key, not sure.

  66. your awesome and a genius but this is also bad because you can get in BIG trouble but you are smart to make a hack or a glitch or cheat like this and nice thinking! πŸ™‚ good job!

  67. πŸ‘Ώ ahhh! it doesnt work on ME but it worked for friends and it worked fine and was awesome! thx! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  68. i tried over and over again, and it still came up with “There was an error applying patch: 0x80070057 (The Parameter Is Incorrect.) please help me?

  69. it worked great! the link it said to click on (Virtual Villagers – The Secret City1.ldw) was not listed but I tried what was listed and it worked! Yaay!! Thank you sooo much!!

  70. So i did it and it said ” patch sucsessful” but then when i went to check it, there were only the same amount of tech points i had before!!!! help please!

  71. Just use the ART MONEY App, with it you just run the game, open artmoney, find the process that it the game.

    Now look at the amount of food, or tech points, or other value you want to find and type it into the search box, and hit enter.
    After the search move the list over the the right for editing, select a good chunk of the list by clicking one then scroll down and hold shift, the click again so select several, now right click and choose edit value, change it to what you want then go back to game, and see if it good, if not edit the next chunk of the list. etc…

  72. I had a problem because I didn’t pay attention attention to the first direction and I kept the game running and everything worked, but then I realized that I didnt follow the first direction and i tried it over again but then it said it was already running. Please give me some ideas or help ! Plz & thnx!

  73. thank you for that cheat please help me to find food or creat a patch for 1m food please and virtual villagers 2 have a cheats for that beacuse im playing virtual villagers 2 the lost chldren and virtual villagers 5 the new believers

  74. It would be so much easier to read these comments if:
    a) Spellcheck was automatic on these posts, and/or
    b) Most posters finished elementary school

  75. It works exactly as you said, it is just too many points. There is no challenge if you get everything early. Can I remove the cheat, if so how? Can the cheat be modified to give less than a million tech points? I think a little head start would be great, it leaves something to work for.

  76. Is there any cheat like this for virtual villagers 2. I have virtual villagers 3 and this cheat worked fine but I want to finish virtual villagers 2 before I finish 3…

  77. its awesome πŸ˜€
    it worked like a magic i got 1000000 tech points, mastered each level and still have over 260000 remaining
    thanx alottttttttttt muahhh

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